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Simulators help trainees prepare for difficult tasks, important missions, or unexpected situations. Presenting lifelike images helps them to fully immerse into the training and learn the techniques as they should – avoiding negative training. Barco projectors and visualization equipment offers the best possible image quality to create an optimal training environment.

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With 30 years of experience in the Training & Simulation industry, we know the importance of reliability to guarantee the quality of the training and the safety of trainees. Our ruggedized visual solutions perform flawlessly in extreme environments and stand the test of time – with each pixel being processed to perfection.


Designed for tomorrow – and beyond

CAE external view of flight simulator

Barco solutions are more than state-of-the-art products. They are also designed for future upgrades and the next requirements. Our projectors and displays are ready for increasing computing power – with more complex environments and higher resolutions and details. The image processing platforms of our visualization solutions (Pulse for projectors, Infinipix for direct-view LED and WallConnect for LCD video walls), guarantee great image quality and include many extra features that keep the content look great under all conditions, and at any time. What's more, Barco’s projector platform Pulse also ensures common electronics and interfaces across projectors, reducing installation time with standard interfaces and control protocols.

At home in any environment

Our extensive visualization portfolio is deployable in many simulation environments, including racing & driving, maritime, fixed-wing and rotary wing, fast jet, and ground training.

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