Live events

Mind-blowing events, memorable experiences

Whether it’s a local gig, a corporate summit or a concert tour, audiences want to be impressed! So how can you stand out and build that groundbreaking live show everyone keeps talking about? 

Video, sound and lighting! A technological symphony that will rock your event and deliver a unique all-round experience that stays engraved in the memories of your audience. 

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Complete the show

There's no event without video.

Visualization transforms a classic stage into an eye-catching canvas. Inspiring visuals supporting the speaker's message or pulling in audiences with an immersive experience.

Complete your show with video to increase overall engagement and pull in large crowds- even from a distance. 

Take the stage

Every show wants to out-do the previous one. Organizers want to go bigger, better or crazier. Rental companies need to be prepared for this with a wide portfolio of high-performing technologies. Versatility is key in bringing the experience to life in the most diverse setups. 

Also, with shows moving from one city to another, they want equipment built for life on the road: robust to handle, straightforward to install, and easy to pack up again.

With Barco’s visualization and processing solutions, you can let your customers’ creativity run free and enable one-of-a-kind shows time and again. Hey, not even the sky is the limit!

Projection mapping

Projection mapping is a visual feast, a new kind of fireworks, an extraordinary form of entertainment with an enormous wow factor. It allows event organizers to bring extra stopping power to all kinds of events: concert tours, festivals, and even fashion shows.

For more information about Barco's solutions for projection mapping, check our dedicated page. 

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