Virtual reality systems

The use of virtual reality offers many advantages to professional users in a wide variety of markets. Engineers can evaluate their car designs in an early stage, potential customers can see buildings before they are built, teams can practice difficult procedures in a virtual context, etc. The possibilities are nearly limitless. 

Personal versus Group VR

Many companies take their first steps in VR using a Head Mounted Device (HMD). These give a relatively simple and low-cost preview of a virtual environment's benefits. The drawback, however, is that HMDs in essence offer a solitary experience. Interaction and collaboration are impossible, and the lack of a peripheral view gives many users an imprisoned feeling. In order to counter these drawbacks, Barco promotes the use of Group VR systems. Using immersive environments and see-through active 3D-glasses (much like the ones used in cinema theaters), people get immersed into the virtual environment while still being able to see each other - and therefore collaborate and interact. 

Barco's portfolio of virtual reality displays encompasses a range of immersive environments. Upon user requirements, this can be flat surfaces for versatile deployment (Powerwalls), wide immersive environments with up to 6 projected surfaces for specific use cases (Caves), or immersive screens for meeting rooms which are a perfect combination of the previous solutions (Canvas).

With a track record of over 20 years in VR visualization, Barco is one of the most experienced players in the business. Because we design and manufacture all components in the VR system (including screens, projectors, processors, mounting, etc.), we have complete control of the end-to-end quality. 

Upgrade your solution

If you are already a proud owner of a Barco VR system, you can also easily upgrade your solution with new equipment. This can be new projectors, new image processors, or new screens, depending on your current needs. In this section you can discover all about the possibilities.