Clinical review displays where to buy?

With our clinical displays, we make the excellent image quality we’re renowned for available to healthcare specialists around the hospital. Optimized for image-enabled EMR, these displays provide medical professionals with a solid basis for confident viewing of clinical images and patient information.


Eonis is our family of clinical displays for use in key clinical specialties and dental practices. Eonis delivers excellent image consistency – providing healthcare professionals with consistent images, wherever they are – to make collaboration between specialists easier. Eonis displays are DICOM calibrated and can be managed centrally with our QA solution.

Your benefits

  • Designed for hospital and dental environments
  • Ambient Light pre-sets for dark rooms, offices and the OR
  • Supports efficient inter-disciplinary collaboration with consistent quality-controlled images
  • Cleanable displays for infection control (70% alcohol-based cleaning agents), safe for near-patient use
  • Efficient and intelligent enterprise IT workflow thanks to a built-in sensor with software tool to manage quality and assets
  • Lowest cost-of-ownership over time without a need for capital budget
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