Solution design for control rooms

Tailoring the visualization solution to your vision

About Solution design for control rooms

Control rooms are complex environments, relying on the interaction between technology, people and processes, in a 24/7 setting. A design that perfectly supports this interaction is therefore of the utmost importance.

Barco's design services help you in translating your requirements into reality. Our experts work with you to capture your current and future business needs, define the vision for your solution, and plan how to realize this vision. Various visualization concepts are suggested, taking into account the ergonomics, technical challenges and network architecture. Our team of interior designers and solution architects use their unmatched expertize in control rooms to optimize both CAPEX and OPEX of your solution, thus contributing to a higher cost-efficiency and durability of the entire concept.

We solve:

   • Risks of visual discomfort
      • Uncomfortable position of display wall and personal screens
      • Glare on screens from inside and outside lighting
   • Stress induced by background noises
   • Mismatch between different materials and colors used
   • Visualization system which is not in line with the business needs

Our deliverables

Depending on your needs, our design teams can deliver:

   • Workshop at the customer’s site to gather information on the control room area, operator processes and needs
   • Ergonomics design based on requirements of the customer:
           • 3D layout drawings of the rooms/ 3D CAD walk-through
           • Collage of materials and colors
           • Recommendations for the console furniture
           • Light plan concept with a list of proposed assortment of luminaries
           • Advise on acoustic optimization of the room
   • Integrated system design
           • Translation of business needs into technical solutions
           • Analysis how to integrate video and data resources
           • Network integration design

Design team:

  • Team of interior designers and solution architects, specialized in control rooms
  • Delivering 100+ ergonomic design studies per year
  • Delivering 700+ solution designs per year

Customer references:

“Everything in this control room project began with Barco’s visualization studies. Based on our needs, the number of operators and their distribution, the pixel and character size, and the viewing distance, they worked out the dimensions of the video wall. Only when we knew this, we were able to define the dimensions of the building.”
André Louro, Rail Signaling Solutions Projects Director Thales, REFER, Portugal

“Our operators can now easily share information based on a real-time, central overview of the operational as well as security aspects of the two reception terminals. The system’s user-friendliness and the ergonomics truly motivate our team.”
Jan Deckmyn, HES&Q Manager, Gassco, Belgium

“Teams working in an ergonomically designed operations room are much happier. As a result, they work more efficiently. From the furniture through to the ideal lighting, the type of blinds and the color of the walls: they lent smart advice on even the smallest detail. The expertise they’ve amassed in control room projects around the world is truly reflected in everything they do.”
Patrick Vancaeyzeele, Manager Control Center West at Eandis, Belgium

Some service offerings may not be available in all regions. For availability of services in your country, please check with your Barco Sales representative

Solution design for control rooms

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