Barco's LDAT™ (Laser Diode Array Tool) marks reference patterns to effectively align display channels.

About LDAT™

Barco's LDAT™ marks reference patterns to effectively align display channels.
The LDAT™ provides a solution for up to 30 dedicated laser light sources which can be independently directed to points on the screen. Multiple arrays are used to mark a complete multi-channel system.

Barco's LDAT™ is a permanent maintenance tool to verify the proper alignment of the display system.

Polaris™, Barco's own pattern generating program, generates the necessary test patterns projected by the display system to match the geometry onto the fixed reference pattern provided by the LDAT™.

Order information
LDAT™ with 1MW laser lights: R9898351
LDAT™ with 3MW laser lights: R9898352


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